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Health & Wellbeing

Managing Worries: OTR Bristol have a weekly online schedule of events starting each Monday, including yoga tutorials, group sessions on resilience, body image and self harm,
digital hubs and tips on entertaining yourself while self isolating. They also run a gender and sexuality social action project called Freedom Youth. OTR have also produced a self-help resource with tips and advice to assist with managing worries.

otr managing worries.pdf

Know Before You Go is a resource for Yr12 students as they transition from sixth form to university or employment. It has been adapted by Student Minds - the UK’s student mental health charity. This life skills resource helps students anticipate, identify and navigate situations they will encounter when entering the realm of post-secondary education. It contains information on many topics including paying bills, study skills, roommate issues, identity questions and embedded throughout is how to maintain good mental health and seek help as needed.

Know Before You Go resource

Further help and support

Please see the Ashton Park School website HERE for links to organisations offering support for young people on a host of different issues.