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We believe studying Sociology gives students the opportunity to delve deeper into society and understand how it functions through critically examining ways of life. The Sociology curriculum aims to create young Sociologists who evaluate society around them and allow them to gain an appreciation of how and why society works in the way that it does. Students will be exposed to a range of sociological skills and knowledge as well as an appreciation for the work of key sociologists in the past and present.


Exam board:

AQA Sociology A-Level


Number of exams: 

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods (2 hours)

Paper 2: Topics in Sociology : Family and Households/Media (2 hours)

Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods (2 hours)

Year 12 Year 13

Terms 1 & 2:


Family and Households

Terms 3&4:

  • Education
  • Family and Households

Terms 5&6:

Sociological Methods

Family and Households

Terms 1&2:

  • Crime and Deviance
  • Media

Terms 3&4:

  • Crime and Deviance
  • Media

Term 5:

  • Theory
  • Media
  • Revision


How are lessons structured?

Within all Sociology lessons there are key aspects that are present. There is a clear focus on knowledge retention, through the use of “Knowledge Retrieval”, where students are presented with questions from the last lesson, last month and last term. This will help to embed the key knowledge that they need in their long-term memory. Elements of mastery are deeply embedded within the curriculum so that students practise second order concepts and work with the knowledge they are gaining to become masters of Sociology. By presenting students with the “Bigger Picture” students are able to see how it links to their wider study of society facilitating understanding of and an interest in how Sociology is applied in the real world.


How is the curriculum sequenced?

The sequencing of topics in each year allows students to build on the knowledge and skills gained as they move through the curriculum, enabling them to deepen their understanding of how society is changing and the impact this has on individuals. The order of study is designed for students to learn and understand the facts of sociology to then analyse and interpret those facts from a variety of viewpoints. Topics in the first year of study are familiar topics such as Families and households and Education with theory and methods and the second year moves on to less familiar topics.


How are students assessed?
  • Regular exam questions in lessons to test your Sociological skills and understanding
  • A wide range of review and rapid recall techniques to embed and deepen Sociological knowledge
  • Longer end of unit mock exams to consolidate everything we have done so far


How should students revise?

  • Seneca Learning Quizzes 
  • Regular use of past exam paper questions, mark schemes and model answers to perfect exam techniques
  • Tutor2You online revision seminars


We challenge students by providing further reading opportunities on the curriculum and beyond through our reading list which includes books, films, podcasts and websites.