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Mathematics is how we make sense of the physical world. Our intention is to deliver a learning journey that inspires curiosity and enables students to be fluent and confident mathematicians

All students will have the chance to experience success and will enjoy being challenged as they develop as critical thinkers.


Exam board:

Edexcel A-Level Mathematics


How is the course examined? 

All formal assessments take place in the summer exam of Year 13. There are 3 examination papers in total. All of which allow a calculator to be used and are 2 hours long, containing 100 marks.


How is our course structured?

Below is an image of our curriculum map. If you click on this it will open a larger pdf version that can be easily zoomed in on.


Why is our curriculum sequenced this way?

Our curriculum has been sequenced to reflect the recommended order from the Edexcel A Level course. The order of our curriculum deliberately includes spaced practice and interleaving in order to support our students with recall and the retention of key knowledge needed for A level. The curriculum draws from and extends GCSE content, with a strong focus on Algebra and Geometry. The chapters are ordered so that the knowledge is cumulative and hence builds on the previous chapter of learning, while getting progressively more challenging throughout the course.

The course consists of: 

  • Pure Maths (two thirds of the course)

  • Applied Maths (Mechanics and Statistics) (one third of the course) 


How do we assess student learning? 

End of unit topic tests will be used throughout the course either as in-class assessments or homework. 


Recommended revision: