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Mathematics GCSE resit

Mathematics is how we make sense of the physical world. Our intention is to deliver a learning journey that inspires curiosity and enables students to be fluent and confident mathematicians.  All students will have the chance to experience success and will enjoy being challenged as they develop as critical thinkers.

This course is designed for those students who need to resit their GCSE Mathematics. This is an intensive one year programme designed to boost your mathematical skill and understanding to enable you to get the Grade 4 or above that you missed in Year 11.


Exam board:

We study the Edexcel GCSE in Mathematics.


How is the curriculum sequenced?

Term 1

Proportional reasoning





Numerical reasoning

Number sense



Term 2

Algebraic reasoning

Equations and inequalities

Straight line graphs

Quadratic and other graphs


Geometric reasoning

Angle rules

Shape properties


Term 3

Numerical reasoning

Types of number

Fractions and percentages


Proportional reasoning


Ratios and fractions

Context problems

Term 4

Geometric reasoning

Area and volume

Transforming shapes

Right-angled triangles


Algebraic reasoning

Manipulating algebra


Term 5




Representing data


Exam preparation


Why is the curriculum sequenced this way?

We follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. White Rose are a nationally recognised centre of excellence in Mathematics and their scheme of learning is designed to enable our learners to excel.

This curriculum has been purposely designed to prioritise the content that is most prevalent in the foundation paper (Number is 28% of the paper, Algebra 22% and Ratio, Proportion and Rates 28%).