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English Language GCSE resit

In order to be resilient and succeed in the wider world, English students at Ashton Park School will be enthusiastic, empathetic and critical readers; creative, convincing and accurate writers; articulate, confident and engaging speakers.

This course is designed for those students who need to resit their GCSE English Language. This is an intensive one year programme designed to boost your English skills and understanding to enable you to get the Grade 4 or above that you missed in Year 11.


Exam Board:

AQA English Language GCSE


How is the curriculum sequenced?

Term 1

English Language Paper 1

Students will engage in a creative text, and write creatively by:

  • reading a literature fiction text in order to consider how established writers use narrative and descriptive techniques to capture the interest of readers
  • writing their own creative text, inspired by the topic that they have responded to in the literature text to demonstrate their narrative and descriptive skills.


English Language Paper 2

Students will develop an insight into writers’ viewpoints and perspectives on issues or themes that are important to the way we think and live our lives. It will encourage students to demonstrate their skills by:

  • reading two linked sources from different time periods and genres in order to consider how each presents a perspective or viewpoint to influence the reader
  • producing a written text to a specified audience, purpose and form in which they give their own perspective on the theme that has been introduced to them in section A.
Term 2

Mock or November exam entry


Creative and Transactional Writing

Students will be provided with the opportunity to further develop their ability to write creatively in response to a written prompt, scenario of visual image. They will also develop their skills in transactional writing.

Term 3

English Language Paper 1

Students will consolidate their ability to engage with a creative text to develop confidence in exploring how writer’s create meaning and effects, and how they can replicate these conventions in their own writing. 

Term 4

English Language Paper 2

Students will consolidate their ability to explore how writers use language and structure to express their perspective, comparing how different writers present opposing viewpoints. Students will utilise this knowledge to confidently and articulately express their own opinion on a range of topical issues.

Term 5


Specific revision of language skills tailored to individual students and classes.


May / June exam entry


Why is the curriculum sequenced this way?

Students cover the full language course in Term 1 to revise the requirements of the exams, and will either be entered for the November entry or will sit internal mocks, which will be used to determine areas for further development.

Term 2 provides students with the opportunity to develop their writing skills as the creative and transactional skills account for 50% of their final grade. 

From Term 3, students will consolidate their knowledge and practise the application of skills from Year 11 and Terms 1 and 2 of Y12, improving their own learning by revisiting the tasks to allow them to demonstrate their understanding, analysis and evaluation.