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Curriculum Aims

At Ashton Sixth, our curriculum is bespoke and ambitious for the learners of our South Bristol community. The primary aim of the curriculum is to ensure that all pupils develop the knowledge and skills necessary to play their part in society and live successful lives.

In order to achieve this we will ensure that our curriculum:

  • Encourages a love of learning.
  • Gives all students an opportunity to study a breadth of subjects.
  • Gives students a depth of subject specific learning.
  • Is sequenced so that students naturally build understanding and skills within a term, a year or a key stage.
  • Prioritises literacy both in terms of reading, vocabulary and extended writing.
  • Is underpinned by knowledge-rich learning where the core knowledge is identified and emphasised.
  • Is ambitious in terms of content, concepts and vocabulary and there are opportunities for these to be regularly revisited.
  • Prepares our students for examinations but is not driven by their demands.