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Upcoming events and opportunities

There are many events designed to give students an opportunity to find out more about universities or careers; to enhance your CVs and personal statements or to give you the necessary skills to succeed at an interview. It is well worth spending some time exploring what is on offer. If you wish to attend something during school hours, please speak to Tanya in the school office so we can update your attendance record accordingly.

The events below are all run by external organisations. Please ensure you check eligibility before applying.

Careers, Apprenticeships and Work Experience

National Careers Service 'Get The Jump': a new Skills for Life campaign, this website will help you understand all the education and training choices available to you and how they compare. 


PwC have a range of opportunities for students, including apprenticeships for those looking to start their career. They also have upskilling sessions for students wanting to develop their employability skills. You can find out more here

Apprenticeships: Success at School have put together the latest apprenticeships, courses and work experience and you can find a full list here.

Aon Apprenticeship Programme: Opportunities for year 13 students to earn a salary whilst studying. See here for more information. 


The University of Law website has some useful resources for students studying history, sociology & psychology as well as career guides which include employability tips, examples of different jobs in each sector, and related course information. Find out about the two different types of lawyer, different areas of law, jobs within business such as Human Resources and Marketing, and much more. See here.